Care Under Fire, Level 1


Course Number: CUF1
Course Duration: 2 Days / 16 Hours
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Skill Level: Advanced
Other Requirements: Criminal History Check

*Active Military, LEOs, and first responders are exempted from the background check requirement.

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Care Under Fire is a live fire class designed for concealed carry holders that provides essential medical and tactical training. Students will learn how to rapidly control massive hemorrhages, accurately stop bleeding, manage airways effectively, and decide the best course of action when faced with potentially dangerous scenarios.

By combining both medical and tactical knowledge in an interactive setting, participants will be able to practice their decision-making skills, under pressure, while also learning new techniques. The class utilizes negative reinforcement to help refine students’ abilities to make sound decisions in high-stakes situations. Through this unique combination of instruction, Care Under Fire gives concealed carry holders the tools necessary to respond quickly and appropriately when faced with real-world danger.

To protect oneself, it may be necessary to use a firearm when de-escalation has failed, escape is not possible, and physical force or serious harm is likely to occur. However, most situations have multiple solutions, and going to a firearm is generally a last resort when other options have failed. Working through the scenarios in Care Under Fire will help students learn how to navigate these decisions, commit to a course of action, and successfully engage with (or disengage from) the conflict.

This is NOT a beginner’s class.

Care Under Fire – Required Gear List


Bring the firearm you would normally concealed carry and how you would normally carry it:

  • Handgun (Semi-auto, revolver, min .32 caliber, max .45)
  • 200 rounds of the correct factory ammo for your handgun (no reloads)
  • Magazines (3 min) or Speed Loaders/Moon Clips (3 min)
  • Quality Holster
  • Sturdy pistol belt
  • Magazine pouch(s)
  • Weapon cleaning kit & lube


Clothes appropriate for the season and a high-altitude desert:

  • Long sleeve shirt & pants, (no low cut open tops that can catch hot brass)
  • Closed-toed athletic/outdoor footwear
  • Ball cap


  • Hearing/eye protection
  • Notepad/pen
  • Water bottle, water, snacks, and lunch for both days
  • Sunscreen & Chapstick

NOTE: exceptionally small (i.e. derringers), single action revolvers, AR pistols, or handguns of questionable quality or in questionable condition will not be appropriate for this course. We will be conducting live-fire drills, so firearms must be reliable, reloadable, and safe for use.

Questions? Contact your Lead Instructor prior to course start date.


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