Precision Rifle 2

From: $400.00

Course Number: PR301
Course Duration: 2 Day / 16 Hours
Location: Rio Rancho, NM
Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced
Other Requirements: Criminal History Check

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Our Precision Rifle 2 course is a 2 day 16-hour course that will introduce students to ballistic programs, wind formulas, moving targets, bobbing targets, and unknown distance targets out the 1200 yards. Held at Del Norte Gun Club, students will spend time in the classroom learning topics such as “truing”, reading and calculations for wind, engaging moving and bobbing targets, and more. Students will be able to apply these fundamentals to both the Known Distance and Unknown Distance ranges over the two days. Students will leave the class with a working level knowledge of how to effectively employ a precision rifle at known distances to 1200 yards.

Class will begin at 0730 sharp at Del Norte Gun Club’s Classroom 1.

Day 1

  • BC Lecture: G7 vs G1 vs Custom
  • Chronograph discussion
  • Kestrel/Ballistic Calculator Lecture
  • Truing Lecture
  • BZO
  • Chronograph
  • Truing Exercise
  • Lunch
  • Reading wind lecture
  • Wind formula lecture
  • Wind live fire exercise
  • Moving target lecture

Day 2

  • Moving Target Conduct Brief
  • Moving Target Live Fire
  • Ambush
  • Tracking
  • Bobbers
  • Lunch
  • Range Estimation Lecture
  • Outback Range

Gear List

  • Precision Rifle
  • FFP scope w/Mil/Mil or MOA/MOA reticle and turrets
  • 200 rounds of
  • Soft case for carrying rifle
  • Shooting mat
  • Rear bag
  • Artificial supports (Tripods, bipods, pillow bags, slings, etc.)
  • Ballistic app (iPhone/android app, Sig Kilo or KestrelAB), Ballistic AE, Strelok Pro, or Applied Ballistics recommended
  • Laser range finder


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